Price list | Prices for beauty services at beauty salon “MAYAK” will be a welcome surprise for you!


Beauty salon Mayak offers a wide range of services for health and beauty.

Experienced professionals – Goldwell specialists working at the beauty salon ensure a wonderful result of their work. Cosmetological services are provided by highly experienced cosmetologists. There are three cosmetological rooms that confirm the popularity of our services among clients. The more clients make appointments with a professional the more experienced and popular he is and in our beauty salon all professionals are in-demand.

Our experienced hair stylists will make you a haircut and styling at the affordable price. We do our best so that not only the selected few can afford luxury services in Mayak beauty salon but everyone who wants to look attractive.

Styling area

Cut and styling
Price, rub.
before 20 cm
over 20 cmDuration
Cut & finish 1800
1 h.
Thermo cut & finish 2600 any length
1 h.
Fringe cut 400
10 min.
Blow dry & finish 950 1500 40 min. / 1 h.
Hair styling with straightening or curling irons 1850 2000 1 / 1,5 h.
“Cocktail” hairstyle 2300
any length 75 min.
Styling of extended hair2000any length1 h.
Wedding or special occasion hairstyle*from 4000up to 60002 h.
Hair Plaiting 1500 any length 30 min.
Gents cut
1700 1 h.
Clipper cut 500 30 min.
Children’s cut 8 & under 800 1 h.
Wash and blow dry  600
10 min.
Mustache / beard trimming 300
10 min.

All types of hair coloring techniques: highlighting and toning, hair lightening, NECTAYA hair coloring, elumination of hair. Affordable prices. Sure enough in our salon you can get your hair highlighted and traditionally colored at a low price. In our salon work only professional colorists and we use Goldwell hair dye.
Hair coloring Price, rub.     
before 20 cm over 20 cm Duration
Hair coloring Topchic* 2600 3200 39001 h. / 90 min.
Hair phytolamination Colorance
2900 420040 min.
Express hair toning Colorance
2500 380015 min.
Hair coloring Nectaya* 3300
3900 49001 h. / 90 min.
Hair elumination with Elumen* 2600
490075 min.
Color correction «System»


Grey camouflage for men «MenReshade»

5 min.

Lightening and highlighting   Price, rub.
before 20 см over 20 cm Duration
3200 3800 49001,5 / 2 h.
Highlighting of 10 and less hair locks*


Highlighting classicalе

4200 51002,5 / 3 h.
Highlighting "silk"
4600 55002,5 / 3 h.
Highlighting express correction New "Blond"

15 min.
Bleach hair blonde "Silk Lift","Oxycur"
1,5 h.

When using extra material 30% addition of price is made. The assessment of material needed is carried out before the procedure.

Hair perming is ever-popular service at beauty salons because it helps to add volume and create beautiful curls even if you have delicate hair. In our salon you can have marvelous Japanese chemical wave which is favorably reviewed.

Hair curling
Price, rub.
before 20 cm
over 20 cm
Japanese chemical wave Evolution, duration time 2,5 / 3 hours (regenerating
serum, styling, individual consultation on styling at home)
6100 7600

Chemical hair straightening which has favorable reviews or progressive Goldwell hair straightening are popular among women from different countries and now you can have it at beauty salon “Mayak” in Moscow.

Hair Straightening Price, rub. Duration
Permanent Hair Straightening Stright Shine Goldwell до 20 см from  12000 6 / 7 h.
Chemical straightening Stright Shine Goldwell до 30 см from  16000 6 / 7 h.
Chemical straightening Stright Shine Goldwell до 40 см from  22000 6 / 7 h.
Straightening correction Streight`n Shine140002 h.
Fringe straightening correction Streight`n Shine 4000
2 h.

Keratin hair straightening which is also called “Brazilian straightening” (the price starts from 3000 rub) becomes more and more popular. No wonder that according to numerous reviews it is the best hair straightening technique.

Hair Smoothing Price, rub.
Med. length
Long Duration
Keratin hair straightening Kerasilk Goldwell 9000 11000 3,5 h.
Brazilian hair straightening Brazilian Blowout 9000 11000 3 h.
Brazilian fringe straightening
3000 30 min.
Keratin hair straightening Keratin Complex Coppola 9000 11000 3,5 h.
Keratin fringe straightening
3000 30 min.

One can try different hair treatments and gain no desired effect. To minimize the likelihood of such result we offer to treat your hair in our beauty salon with Goldwell Inner Effect products that provide instant effect.

Hair care and repair Price, rub.
before 20 cm   
over 20 cm Duration
Hair treatment Inner Effect «Volume and strengt» 1900 2600 40 min.
Hair treatment Inner Effect «Smoothness and moisturizing» 2200 3200
40 min.
Hair treatment (serum or mask) DualSense, for hair of any length 660
Biological scalp peeling "Nioxin Scalp Renew" 2500 40 min.

Try fire cut — the procedure has a lot of wonderful reviews. Absolutely safe procedure makes hair flexible, shiny, beautiful and healthy.

Fire cut La Biosthetique cosmetics Medium length Long hair
Hair renovation procedure “Fire cut”, длительность 1 час 5000 6000

We offer you to make practical Keratin hair extension at reasonable price in our salon. The quality of hair extension with Keratin capsule will be a welcome surprise for you.

Hair extension

Keratin hair extensions Euro So Cap 150 rub - 1 capsule
Hair extensions styling, duration time 1 hour
2000 р. any length
Hair extensions removal «Euro.So.Cap» 1 capsule 50 rub.
Hair extensions removal other brands 1 capsule 60 rub.

A tape hair extension at a low price in Moscow is reality! You can find tape technology of hair extension as well as other types of hairstyling in “Mayak” beauty salon in the heart of the city, on Tverskaya Street!

Tape hair extensions Angelo Hair Price, rub.
Tape hair extensions 20 hair locks 3000
Tape hair extensions 40 hair locks 5000
Tape hair extensions 60 hair locks 7000
Tape hair extensions 80 hair locks 9000
Tape hair extensions correction 1 hair lock 150
Tape hair extensions removal 1 hair lock 40
Shape correction of hair extensions of any type 600
Price of hair extensions include only work of professional, without materials

Nail Service

Wide variety of services for beauty of your hands: classical manicure (manicure with cuticles trimmed), hardware manicure, French manicure, Shellac at acceptable price, all popular types of nail extensions and even Japanese manicure Masura! Gentlemen are invited to make men’s manicure.

Professional manicure Price, rub. Duration
Classical manicure 1000 45 min.
Men’s manicure 1100 45 min.
Combined manicure 1200 45 min.
Thermal manicure 1500 45 min.
Brazilian manicure 1500
45 min.
Japanese manicure Мasura150045 min.
SPA CND manicure with nail polish20001 h.

Nail coating Price, rub. Duration
Nail coating 300 10 min.
French manicure 350 20 min.
Nail coating with VINYLUX CND 600 15 min.
4 week chip resistant manicure with gel nail polish Shellac 1300 30 min.
Gel French manicure Shellac 1800 40 min.
Gel polish Shellac removal
400 15 min.

Additional services Price, rub. Duration
Nail polish removal 50
Nail buffing
10010 min.
Nail filing
10010 min.
Design on 1 nail (nail art, rhinestones) 200
Natural nail repair20015 min.
Hand scrub 400 20 min.
Paraffin hand treatment 400 25 min.

Hardware pedicure, classical pedicure in Moscow, SPA and other types of pedicure will make your feet look well-cared-for. Prices for pedicure start from 200 rubles.

Professional pedicure Price, rub. Duration
Combined pedicure 1800 1 h.
Hardware pedicure 2000 1 h.
Men’s pedicure 2200 1 h.
SPA CND pedicure with coating30001 h. 30 min.
Ingrown nail treatment 400 10 min.
Paraffin feet treatment 700 30 min.

Gel nails extension, acrylic nail extension and bio-gel strengthening — all these procedures and also natural nail strengthening we provide are of the highest quality. Prices for nail extension are rather democratic.

Nail extension Price, rub. Duration
Nail strengthening with gel or bio-gel Masura 2000 40 min.
Nail extension for nail polish manicure / correction* 3200 / 2200 2,5 / 2 h.
French nail extension / correction* 4000 / 3000 3 / 2,5 h.
Sophisticated nail extension 4500 3,5 h.
Colored gel, acrylic nails 4500
3 h.
Gel, acrylic nails removal  1200
1 h.

* Nail correction is carried out for the period up to 3 weeks. The complexity of nail extension is defined during the consultation with professional.

Eyebrow correction + tint, eyebrow and eyelashes tint is better to have in a salon where for this purpose professional products are used. Particularly as the price for eyebrow and eyelashes tint don’t exceed 350 rubles.

Eyelash and eyebrow coloring and correction Price, rub.
Eyelash coloring 300
Eyebrow coloring 350
Eyebrow сorrection 300
New eyebrow shape 400

Eyelashes and Eyebrows Extensions

In our salon you can have eyelashes extension, single strand eyelash extensions, maintain lashes after extension and remove extended lashes. We provide bio-curling of lashes — according to the reviews it gives your eyes an expressive look. Also we offer eyebrow renewal and lamination. Prices of procedures for beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes you can see below:

Price, rub.Duration
Volume eyelash extension 3D  5000 1 h. 40 min.
*Maintenance/ Refill/ Touch-ups 4000 1 h.
Volume extension 4500 1,5 h.
*Maintenance/ Refill/ Touch-ups35001 h.
Single strand eyelash extensions40001 h. 20 min.
*Maintenance/ Refill/ Touch-ups25001 h.
Lower lashes extension 100030 min.
Eyelashes extensions removal80030 min.
- removal of other brands eyelashes100030 min.
Eyelashes bio-curling25001 h. 20 min.
Eyelashes lamination 40001 h. 20 min.

*Maintenance/ Refill/ Touch-ups 3 weeks and less

Price, rub. Duration 
Full eyebrow renewal "wowbrow"*
1,5 h.
Partial eyebrow renewal "Wowbrow"*2500 1 h. 15 min.
Eyebrow lamination 2300 1 h.
Biochemical eyebrow straightening + renewal4000 1 h. 40 min.
yebrow shape  400
20 min.
Eyebrow correction  300
15 min.
Eyelash tint  400
20 min.
Eyebrow tint 350
20 min.

* Price of all eyebrow renewal procedures includes tint and correction!

Permanent Makeup

Permanent eye makeup, permanent eyebrow makeup, permanent lips makeup — we offer democratic prices and high quality. In our salon work only professionals and Japanese or German pigments are used.

Permanent Eye Makeup Price, rub. Duration 
Eye Liner
3 h.
- upper lid 7000
- lower lid 5500
- upper + lower lid 8500
Contour and eye line (min. after 4 weeks) 2,5 h.
Contour with shading45003,5 h.
- upper lid9000
- upper + lower lid10000
Shadow correction (min. after 4 weeks)55002,5 h.

Permanent eyebrow makeup Price, rub. Duration
Permanent eyebrow makeup general color, shape  80003 h.
Hair 55002 h.
Color correction (min. after 4 weeks) 40002,5 h.
Color correction + hair60003 h.

Permanent lip makeup Price, rub. Duration
Lip line with shading  8000
3 h.
Lip line with full lip color 9500
3,5 h.
Lip coloring 8000
3 h.
Lip makeup correction (min. after 4 weeks)50002,5 h.
Lips 3D120004 h.
Lip correction 3D (min. after 4 weeks)60003 h.

Permanent cheekbone makeupPrice, rub. Duration
Blush 80002 h.
Correction (from 1 to 3 months)40001 h. 20 min.


You will be pleased by the quality of services of our make-up artists, prices and speed of their work. You’ll quickly get beautiful casual or evening, special occasion or wedding makeup. We also render services of MUA-stylist.

Professional makeup Price, rub.
Express makeup 2000
Cocktail makeup 3000
Wedding makeup 5000
Trial wedding makeup2500

Depilation (waxing, sugaring)

Waxing, including extended bikini, hot wax depilation of legs, arms, forearms and other body parts. General and deep sugaring at the lower price and just as well as hardware removal of undesirable hair.

Face  Price, rub. Duration
1 area
15 min.

Body Price, rub. ВоскШугаринг
170030 min. -
Extended bikini 25001 h.-
Abdomen (1 area) 50010 min.-
Buttocks* 700 20 min.35 min.
Full arms* 160030 min.1 h.
Forearms up to elbow 80015 min.40 min.
Full legs* 240045 min.1,5 h.
Shank* 100020 min.1 h.
Thighs 150025 min.1,5 h.
Back* 150030 min.-
Underarms* 60020 min.-

*When using extra material 15% addition of price is made. The assessment of material consumption is carried out before the procedure.

Facial massage at acceptable price is offered in our beauty salon “Mayak”. We provide classical facial massage, sculpting and lymph drainage massage and also Spanish facial massage - newish but already earned great reviews.

Face, neck, low neck massage Price, rub.
Classical face, neck, low neck massage 1000
Modeling Spanish facial massage 2500
Sculpting facial massage 2500
Lymph drainage face, neck, low neck massage 1700

Ultrasonic face cleaning at rather low price - taking into account the high quality — helps to get rid of lots of skin problems. For better face skin care you can have ultrasonic peeling and sonic phoresis.

Face cleaning Price, rub.
Complex ultrasonic face cleaning 2500
Ultrasonic peeling addition to main procedure 500
Sonic phoresis (with concentrate) 500

Popular and effective procedure for face - atraumatic face cleaning holy land — at the price conforming to the quality. Holy Land cosmetic is used.

HOLY LAND (Israel)  face cleaning Price, rub.
Atraumatic face cleaning 2700
Atraumatic optimal face cleaning 2900
Atraumatic cleaning of dry, atonic skin 3000
Combined face cleaning Holy Land 3300
Deep cleaning (using ABR peeling) 3400

Israel Holy Land cosmetic let to exercise wonderful face care. Try Holy Land the reviews on which leave no doubts in its quality.
HOLY LAND (Israel) express facial care Price, rub.
Treatment "Express shine" 1900
Treatment "Minilifting" 3100
Eyelid skin care 1300
Anti-couperose procedure 3100

Holy Land peelings — according to numerous clients’ reviews — are effective at struggle with acne, comedons, and hyperpigmentation. There are also peelings providing skin tightening effect.

HOLY LAND (Israel) facial peeling Price, rub.
ABR-START (mild and medium degree of acne) 2700
ABR-PROFESSIONAL (stagnant spots, big comedons) 2800
ABR-LIFT (strong indications of skin aging) 3200
ABR-BIO  (extended capillary network) 2900
Парад пилингов 45+ (tightening procedure) 3600
ABR-PREMIUM (skin hyperpigmentation) 3600
ABR-PREMIUM Plus (exasperation of regenerative processes) 4000
ABR-PREMIUM Whitening (postinflammatory pigmentation) 3500

With the use of Holy land cosmetics we provide cosmetic treatments for face skin of teenagers, adults and people of mature age.

HOLY LAND (Israel) cosmetic facial care Price, rub.
Treatment for teenage problem skin 2100
Treatment with yeast mask for problem skin 2500
Аtraumatic microdermabrasion
Treatment for mature, dehydrated skin 3200
Withering skin prevention 3700
Antioxidant skin treatment 2900
Delicate skin whitening (summer program) 2700

Yon Ka cosmetic from France is quality and delight in using. Facial salon treatments that are made with the help of Yonka cosmetic — for example biolifting, reshaping facial contours, deep skin hydration — will transform your face, let you to rest and relax.

YON-KA(France) Phyto and aromatherapy procedures for face Price, rub.
Cleansing, therapy, relaxation 2900
Aroma relaxation and oxygenation of skin 3000
Facelifting, strengthening and renovation 3300
Biolifting, reshaping facial contours 3000
Biolift, reshaping facial contours, neck and low neck 3500
Long-lasting and deep skin hydration 3400

We use Ericson Laboratoire cosmetic reviews on which are not accidently great. Products of the highest quality help to eliminate even serious skin problems.

ERICSON LABORATOIRE (France) Newest treatments in cosmetology Price, rub.
Аtraumatic skin cleansing 3000
Bio-Optic eye contour treatment 1800
Pure-Biotic treatment of combination, oily skin 4000
Skin-Transfer treatment for dry, dehydrated skin 4200
"Aroma-Sensitive" treatment for sensitive and allergy-prone skin 3600
Fresh-Caviar regeneration treatment with caviar extract for mature skin 4800
Energy-Lift anti-age, reshaping facial contours treatment 4800

Treatments for men include several types of cosmetic products intended to help any men leaving our salon look cared-for and rested.

Professional treatments for men Price, rub.
Renovating treatment (moisturizing, nourishment, massage) 3000
Anti-stress treatment (color control, improving skin tone, massage) 3000
Cleansing treatment (acne treatment, improving of blood circulation, pore minimizing, massage)


Full body massage at the affordable price, back massage, feet and arms massage. Excellent health-improving massage in Moscow.

Classical body massagePrice, rub..Duration
Full body
3000  1 h.

Health-improving body massage Price, rub.Duration
1 h.

Sport massage Price, rub. Duration
*In combination with hardware40001 h.

1,5 h.

Lymphatic drainage massage which you can have at acceptable price in our salon is good for health as it helps to flush waste out of body. Besides is helps to do away with edema and cellulite what means to become more slender.

Lymphatic manual body massage Price, rub.Duration
Indications for lymphatic massage::
— edema syndrome
— varicosity
— troubled lymph efflux in legs
— loss of body weight
— body sculpting
— edematous cellulite form
1 h.
1,5 h.

In our salon professionals skillfully make anti-cellulite massage prices on which start from 1600 rubles. We also offer sculpting massage which helps to create beautiful body.

Anti-cellulite body massageа Price, rub. Duration
Partial30001 h.

1,5 h.

Partial body massage Price, rub.Duration
Collar zone 100020 min.
Back 1500
30 min.
Lumbosacral zone massage 100020 min.
1200 20 min.

Body sculpting program

Stage of basic peeling which is the first step of the program is followed by body wrap with algal or treatments consisting of carefully chosen compositions of algal and marine sedimentary rocks, plant and herbal infusions. At the end of procedure are used final treatments, for example tonic balms and serums for body sculpting with delicate texture that leaves amazingly comfortable feeling. Professional consultation needed!

Peeling and detoxication Price, rub.Duration
Chocolate, algal  2000 45 min.

We offer body wraps for weight loss, chocolate body wrap, anti-cellulite body wrap, mud, algal and other wraps at reasonable prices in our salon. You can afford this nice beauty procedure!

Body wraps
Price, rub.Duration
"Anti-cellulite — weight loss" 45001 h.
"Express — weight loss" 45001 h.
Anti-cellulite — anti-stress “Chocolate pleasure” 5000 
1 h.

Infrared pants for weight loss are very useful as they flush toxins and waste out of body and provide pleasant relaxation.

Price, rub.  Duration
Infrared pants1000 1 h.
Re-usable jumpsuit

Body scrubbing at salon makes your skin smooth, deeply moisturizes it and improves blood circulation. We offer body care procedures with wonderful Thai salt scrub and body scrubbing with sugar scrub which rejuvenates skin and makes it velvety. We use natural cosmetics from Thailand.

Body scrubbing with natural spa cosmetics from Thailand Price, rub.
Salt body scrub “Traditional Thai” (Sea salt, olive oil, honey, essential oils, lemongrass and corn mint). Cleansing and moisturizing 1300
Sugar body scrub “Starfruit and star gooseberry” (brown sugar, bee wax, castor oil, lime oil, fine ground apricot kernels, vitamin E, starfruit, Indian gooseberry, passionfruit, ground orange peel). Cleansing and rejuvenation 1300


Узнайте, какие цвета больше всего идут вам!

Узнайте, какие цвета больше всего идут вам! У нас появилась эксклюзивная услуга: подбор цветов с помощью уникальной методики K-Test! Какие цвета волос, одежды, макияжа и маникюра особенно идут вам? Получите индивидуальную цветовую палитру с рекомендациями по ее использованию, и будьте неотразимы всегда!

Люкс-процедура салонного ухода для красоты и здоровья волос «Молекула красоты» Kerasilk от Goldwell

Люкс-процедура салонного ухода для красоты и здоровья волос «Молекула красоты» Kerasilk от Goldwell Индивидуально подобранный салонный уход «Молекула красоты» Kerasilk от Goldwell поможет решить любую проблему с волосами, оздоровит их и сделает крепкими, сияющими, шелковистыми и роскошными! Процедура уже заслужила отличные отзывы клиентов, ведь она очень приятная, а главное — эффективная!

Лучший способ выразить любовь к близкому человеку - это проявить заботу о нём!

Хотите подарить вашим близким хорошее настроение? В салоне красоты “Маяк” вы сможете приобрести подарочный сертификат. Стоимость подарочного сертификата зависит от ваших пожеланий. Подарочный сертификат от салона красоты «МАЯК» это всегда отличное качество обслуживания. Предлагаемые нами услуги это инновации и высокий уровень выполняемых работ. Мы всегда на шаг впереди…

Тестирование процедуры выпрямления волос прошло успешно!

Beauty-редактор популярного блога TheLook Инна Мартыненко делала у нас в салоне красоты «Маяк» эффективное кератиновое выпрямление волос при помощи косметики GOLDWELL, и осталась довольна результатом. Читать дальше

9 Октября 2016

Признаться, я скептически относилась к возможности перехода из брюнетки в блондинку за одно посещение салона, но это стало для меня реальностью, благодаря замечательным средствам от Goldwell и умелым рукам Юлии Машениной. Хотелось бы от всей души поблагодарить Юлию и Инну за их профессионализм, доброжелательность, ответственный и творческий подход к своему делу. Цена вполне адекватна качеству предоставляемых услуг. Так что теперь я постоянный клиент салона «Маяк», однозначно рекомендую!